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. . . there's just no coffee better than yours . . . - CH

Coffee is coffee, right?! No, wrong! I had to leave my house unusually early to meet up with a coworker and since we were meeting at a coffee chain, I took this as an opportunity to try a favorite 'flat white' that I don't usually get to have. After my usual schedule returned, I was able to start brewing Matt's Good Coffee at home again, and I was SHOCKED at how much better it was than that popular chain coffee, I could taste the different nuances and notes, and could smell the berry aromas that I just hadn't experienced those days on the road. Matt's blends really do bring out the best in the coffee, giving the fullest range of flavors! - SH

Matt's unique blends are unlike anything else we've ever had. My wife and I both have distinctive palettes when it comes to coffee, but Matt's Good Coffee consistently impresses us both. It always has a complex flavor and smooth finish. Furthermore, having seen Matt roast, he has it down to a science, and his care and craftsmanship is reflected in every bag he produces. Truly and unabashedly the best in the state! - BG

I'm not a coffee snob, but being from the Pacific Northwest, sometimes I just think I was just born to drink and appreciate good coffee. Matt's Good Coffee (and specifically his "Day to Day" blend) is the favorite in our house and we drink it morning, noon and night! - AE

I ONLY drink Matt's coffee.  Hopelessly devoted.  If I run out, it's just not going to be a great day.  Fortunately, Matt works hard to make sure I have my beans and a monthly subscription keeps it coming. - JM

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