A Cerasa Dulcescente Usque Ad Fabam Assarium

Ring-o-Fire Blend

For over 10 years, the name of this rich-yet-mild, bold-yet-mellow blend was inspired by the most tectonically active regions of the world. 

However, since December 2022, we wanted to re-dedicate the name of this blend to the men and women who, in some form or fashion, either work with or suffer with the stigmatized diseases that make up Mental Illness. 

Whether it is the over-worked and under-paid/recognized mental health nurse/NP, tech or doctor/PA, one of our selfless men and women of the Armed Services, or First Responders and Teachers who suffer silently with their own mental illness(es); we wanted this smooth blend to both comfort and inspire all those who have touched our own lives and helped us through our own invisible struggles to keep going and step out of our personal mental health Rings of Fire, and to encourage all those who may not be somehow touched by the struggles of mental illness to always "Be Kind" to all who you meet along life's journey.

This year, Ring-o-Fire contains:

FTO Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

FTO Peru La Florida

FTO Papua New Guinea