Coffee Calendar:

December 2022

November Week 4: 

December Subscriber Roast!

  • We will be roasting December's "Monthly Medium" Subscriber Release: Christmas (Tres Reyes) Blend the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving.
  • We are still taking Pre-Orders.  Fill out THIS FORM if you are still interested in getting this exciting and limited-release seasonal blend!

Monthly Week 1: Market Day

  • November 3rd, 10:00am - 2:00pm

  • We are excited to see you all at our monthly booth at The Market at Shavano Park:
    900 Saddletree Court, 78231

  • The market is open weekly from 10:00am - 2:00pm each Sunday.  Due to our busy roasting schedule, we are there on the First Saturday of each month ONLY.

  • December's Available Beans:

Your Source for Fresh-Roasted Coffee​ in San Antonio

Starting in January, we will re-wind our Monthly Medium rotation beginning with our lightest bodied blend (City+ Roast) - Day to Day.  This was my original blend, the one inspired by Grandpa Cruz who enjoyed his daily cup lighter first thing in the morning and strong and dark by the end of the day as it kept cooking on the Mr. Coffee all day - WOW!

Also, we (almost) always have a fresh bag of our most popular Medium-Roast Blend: Ring of Fire, as well as our Dark Roast Blend:  Market Blend on hand. So, don't be shy and feel free to drop us an email, call or text if you don't mind stopping by the Coffee Bench at the Roasting Garage if you miss us at the market!

Finally, if you'd prefer any of the above coffees as a craft-roasted Decaf, drop us a line and we'll make sure we have that for you!