Starting in January and August, we re-wind our Monthly Medium Roast rotation beginning with our Lightest-Bodied Blend (City+ Roast) - Day to Day and moving to the darker end of the spectrum with our Full-Bodied Blend (Mid-Vienna Roast) - Market Blend

Also, we nearly always have a fresh bag of our most popular Medium-Roast Blend: Ring of Fire, our Breakfast Blend: Day to Day, and our Dark Roast Blend:  Market Blend on hand. Don't be shy! Go ahead and drop us an email, call or text if you don't mind stopping by the Coffee Bench at the Roasting Garage!

Finally, if you'd prefer any of the above coffees as a craft-roasted Decaf, drop us a line and we'll make sure we have that for you!

Coffee Calendar:

2023-2024 Subscriber Year

Monthly Schedule

Roasting Days are typically Weekend mornings from 9AM - 1PM​​

Thank you for contacting us to verify Date, Day and Time!

  • Weekend 3:
    • Subscriber Roast
    • Special Order Roast(s)
    • Single-Origin Roast(s)

  • ​Weekend 4:
    • Ring-o-Fire Roast
    • Market Blend Roast
    • Out-Of-Town Subscriber and Wholesale Pack and Ship Day.
    • Great day to visit - I WILL put you to work!

A Cerasa Dulcescente Usque Ad Fabam Assarium

  • Weekend 1:
    • Subscriber Roast
    • ​Wholesale Roast


  • Weekend 2:
    • ​Wholesale Roast
    • Subscriber Roast